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to accelerate nature-based solutions that address biodiversity collapse and the climate emergency.

Nature.Tech / Nexus

The Nexus is a collectively-owned platform that ignites and transforms innovative ideas into actions which restore and protect nature. Individuals can invest their expertise. Companies can apply their innovations. Nature-positive organizations can accelerate solutions.

Together we're committed to a nature positive future.

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Participatory Design Looms

We engage with nature-positive organizations to design participatory collaboration experiences. 

We curate & invite diverse human genius such as

— Nature-Tech Companies
— Visionary Thinkers
— Builders & Entrepreneurs
— Investors & Funders

We deliver immersive experiences led by expert facilitators that are convenient and engaging, with high quality outcomes.

We publish post-event case studies and content to share, inspire, and amplify a community of regenerative practitioners. 

Mission & Vision

The Nature.Tech Nexus mission is to increase the flow of financial capital, human-genius, and public awareness towards nature-based climate solutions in order to amplify and accelerate the complex and courageous work of ecological regeneration. 

The Anatomy of a
Design Loom

1. Partner with Breakthrough Organizations

– Restorative Agriculture
– Ocean restoration
– Agroforestry
– Conservation
– Regenerative Building
– and many more...

– Technology prototyping
– Market readiness
– Pilots

2. Produce Immersive, Participatory Design Experiences

We center real-world challenges faced by nature-positive organizations.

Highly-engaging virtual whiteboard platform Mural©

Sessions designed by design-thinking facilitators

Embodied, heartful group facilitation

3. Curate and Enroll Diverse Human Genius 

We attract aligned talent from across the Regeneration Movement.

Weave together diverse organizational and individual talent from across sectors.

We aim to incentivize member participation through decentralized profit sharing & governance

Our serialized events allow for deep experiential collaboration.

We foster community connection through play and levity - commingling joy with action. 

4. Publish and Share Event Case-Stories

Document outcomes and packaging stories for a broader audiences

Publishing the content to a large and engaged community of regenerative practitioners



Do you work for nature?

with us.

Here are examples of the organizational needs we support, 

— I have a breakthrough nature tech company and am facing challenges that could benefit from the insights of diverse human genius

— I have an idea for a technology or product and  need help designing, prototyping, or piloting

— I have an on-the-ground organization and am facing challenges to establish a sustainable financial model and resources to fund essential activities

— I need help understanding the world of technical possibility that could scale my project or solution

— I need help building new markets for my regenerative goods and services

— Something else?

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Upcoming Events

Once you've registered with the Nature.Tech Nexus you can apply to attend any of our events and receive recognition for participation. 

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Nov '22
Accelerate Recover

The $25 billion a year illicit wildlife trade is a key risk factor for pandemics. Learn how we might fund and coordinate a decentralized enforcement program to nature protection is key to reduce this risk.

The RECOVER project, from the solution hub of EndPandemics.Earth, is a Planetary Security Program and high-level design for a financial mechanism to incentivize global data sharing that leads to the recovery of illicit assets from animal traffickers, bounties from which are shared by those who participate. 

9 & 11 November 2021 
COP Virtual Side Event
Defining Opportunity

Scaling nature protection via a solutions marketplace and financial model with EndPandemics Alliance solution providers.

Q4 2021
Registration for Nexus Participants
Nov, 19
From Chile to California 

A participatory design series that convenes interdisciplinary experts and financial innovators to imagine the terrain of possibility for resilient funding models for Chile California Council from regenerative DAOs, to natural asset companies, to ocean regeneration trusts.

Q1 2022
Registration for Nexus Participants
Oct, 19
An Ocean of Possibility

Prototyping Nature-Tech Enabled Solutions for Flourishing Chilean Fisheries

Q1 2022
Registration for Nexus Participants
Dec, 19
Designing a Digital Tool for Monitoring the Wellbeing of Future Generations across Wales

A virtual participatory design series to imagine & visualize such a dashboard to help stakeholders, including policy makers, and the general public, understand the progress being made towards the Wellbeing of Future Generations.

Q1 2022
Registration for Nexus Participants

We're founded by

and partnering with amazing organizations including... 


Planned Organizational Design

Our goal is to foster an engaged, and talented ecosystem of Nature Tech Nexus members who all share in the collective value we create. We are currently in early phases of building our organization with the current aim of structuring as a Platform Cooperative. This model will weave together the best parts of worker-owned cooperative structure with a decentralized governance model.

We believe in creating financial value for all participants in the Nexus ecosystem, not just for investors or shareholders. We envision a thriving ecosystem where members receive tokens for participation which will lead to a share in organizational profits.


We are engineers, designers, marketers, creators, nature lovers, visionaries, earth stewards and regenerative movement builders, who are dedicated to regenerating the planet. 

BEN Mawhinney
JONAS Goldstein
Brittany Neff
DAVID hodgson 
NICOLE-Anne Boyer 

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You have skills, talent, innate gifts, and organizational expertise. You want to connect and collaborate with missioned-aligned individuals and organizations.

You realize that biodiversity collapse and the climate emergency is bigger than you and requires every one of us to work together in generative and collaborative ways. 

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